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Products by Norwegian company “Jotul” – wood-burning cast iron stoves and cast iron burners for fireplaces have an impeccable reputation. Norwegian furnace not only warms people, but also decorates their homes, giving comfort and warmth, magnificent stylish design, which delights the eye. Jotul wood stoves have proved their durability, strength, safety and ease of use in practice. Their ovens and furnaces are easy to install and look great in any environment. Quality and reliability, tradition and high-tech style, classical and modern design – it’s all about jotul wood stoves, faithful guardians of the hearth.

Conventionally, the products by “Jotul” company can be divided into three areas: classic fireplace stoves, modern stoves and fireplace inserts. Classic stoves are the most popular product. Modern jotul wood stove is a direction that is more popular among people who love modern style. Fireplace inserts “Jotul” – are powerful thermal products, that, especially with the help of wiring heat can warm up more than one room. The most powerful version reaches 25 kW maximum.

Jotul wood stoves have impeccable appearance (enamel painting of various colors enables furnaces to qualify for installation in the most expensive and rich interior), the original classic design (production is awarded with a number of prestigious awards of Norwegian Design Council). In addition, they are characterized by long life service (high-Norwegian cast iron has passes all production stage and multistage QC), efficiency (camera dual combustion that transforms 90% contained in the smoke of fine particles and the flue gas into thermal energy). In jotul wood stoves this process is even more efficient, thanks to the double walls of the body), beauty live flame (system of jotul burning stoves is designed in such a way that the glass is not exposed to sooty).

“Jotul” wood-burning cast iron stove heats the room within 10-15 minutes after kindling. One charging of the furnace with firewood is burning all night in economy mode. Furnaces can heat the room or garden house area of 100 square meters.

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