Victorian Fireplace

Victorian fireplace was an important attribute of an English home during the time of Queen Victoria: without it, the living room wasn’t considered accomplished. This article discusses the characteristics of the device and the decor of the popular heater Victorian period.

It may be noted several characteristics inherent in Victorian fireplaces. The two main parts of the fire – a cast-iron grate and mantel (shelf), usually made of marble or other stone, slate, and wood and so on. The ventilation grille cast as a unit and consisted of the grate, the back is a fireplace and the inner frame. They are installed inside the victorian fireplace and the fire was regulated using dampers (limiting or increasing the supply of combustion air). On the sides of the grate laid patterns of ceramic tiles. It became so popular, because at the end of the 1850s began the mass production of cast iron fireplace with built-in grill.

Typically, they ordered decorative bezels, mainly of ceramic tiles. The house cleaner’s room housed a small fireplace, additional decorations for their neglect. The advent of gas fireplaces marked the end of the Victorian era. It has many advantages compared with traditional: did not have to worry about the availability of coal, the chimney cleaned regularly empty the ash pan. In short, life has become cleaner. However, there were also the complexity not always been ensured uninterrupted supply of gas, so buyers do not hurry to acquire this type of fireplaces.

The Victorian era ended long ago, but her style, having undergone some changes, is still alive. Of course, not every home or apartment can be designed in Victorian style. Nevertheless, establish such a fireplace can practically everyone. Particular attention is paid to the modern electric fireplaces from the UK: many companies produce models that are indistinguishable from their Victorian counterparts.

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