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Is it possible to organize in the house of the living source of heat without a chimney – a fireplace, stove or any other heater? Most of the answers to this question, referring to the modern electric fireplace, very precisely simulates real. However, there are other, more “natural” options. Modern manufacturers offer us a huge amount of various climatic equipment, including heaters, which really helps us to comfortably go through the off-season with more not included heating and severe frosts. However, all these faceless units only warm the body, but not the soul. But because sometimes you want to not only warm, but also to enjoy the view of the fire blazing in front of your house. The city apartment is simply impossible: no one will allow it to establish a heavy structure that requires the fumes. Nevertheless, citizens are not so long ago there was a great alternative that allows you to do without a chimney – ventless fireplace on biofuel.

To get the fire needs fuel, and that this fuel during combustion does not emit harmful substances, it should burn evenly. Then do not need a special device to output the smoke channels, which consists of the products of combustion, harmful to our health. This environmentally friendly fuel is – the so-called eco spirit – bioethanol, as a basis for the production of which is only natural herbal products. In its combustion in the ambient atmosphere is allocated only water vapor and carbon dioxide. These substances cannot harm human health and the environment, and therefore there is no need to pull them out of the premises while using ventless fireplace. It became the bioethanol fuel, thanks to which we were able to enjoy a real live fire without a chimney – ventless fireplace can now be put anywhere. However, as this flame burns Bio alcohol, do not forget about fire safety measures, as may harm not only the smoke.

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