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Pellet stove is a type of solid fuel boilers, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Most experts assure continued growth in the world energy prices, however, the installation of the boiler for pellets and the creation of a non-volatile heating system has become more relevant than ever. One of the main elements of pellet stove is a heat exchanger that is made of steel or cast iron. Cast iron heat exchangers are not amenable to corrosion and have a long life, unlike steel heat exchangers. Steel, in turn, have a lower weight than iron heat exchangers, which greatly facilitates installation.

The pellet stove set includes: a hopper for storing pellets, auto transporter, burner, cleaning tools and instruction. An automatic conveyor feed pellets into the burner, after which the fuel is automatically ignited and the boiler starts. Some pellet stove supports function “control via mobile phone”, which can be used to control the boiler working remotely. Storage of pellets is carried out in a standard or larger bin. The fuel reservoir can be used in the next room, from which fuel is supplied to the auxiliary feed pellet boiler. In this case, the work of pellet stove can last up to one month in an automatic mode without maintenance; any other kind of solid fuel boilers cannot provide this.

The pellet stove is not inferior to the gas boilers and, of course, other types of solid fuel boilers on the effectiveness. Their efficiency is comparable with continuous burning boilers and stored at 90%. It should be noted that the pellet boilers are environmentally friendly source of energy, in contrast to the gas-fired boilers, which are several times higher than CO2 emissions. One of the main advantages of the pellet stove is an automatic operation, which significantly reduces maintenance time. These boilers do not require constant attention and monitoring. As fuel special wood pellets are used – pellets that are filled into the boiler hopper. From there, they are supplied as needed to screw the boiler furnace, which makes it possible for several days to monitor the heating. Accordingly, the larger the tank the longer it serves. All that is required from you – to get the ash and fill pellets into the hopper periodically.

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