Painting Brick Fireplace

Not everyone likes to hide the natural color of the brick, but if the fireplace has decayed, after painting it will look much better. In most of the coloring compositions capable of withstanding high temperature, it is written that they are intended for a wide range of materials. Nevertheless, having studied in detail the composition and properties of materials, you are likely to conclude that one jar or spray painting a brick fireplace isn’t enough to reach a good result. Resistant coloring materials differ in structure. You can use paint correct and intended only in case knowing its composition and properties.

Walk across the surface of the fireplace with sandpaper to remove any remaining solution. If the brick was painted before, you need to scrape off paint residues and wash thoroughly fireplace. Removing paint from brick is a difficult process, so before you decide to paint the brick fireplace, make sure you really want to do it. Maybe you decide to buy a new brick fireplace.

For painting a brick fireplace is suitable practically every dye, but of course, it is better to consult a specialist in a local store for home improvement. As a rule, latex (water-based) paint are good for this purpose. The surface can be painted a variety of ways: spray, roller, brush. The paint is applied in layers (2-3 layers). Each subsequent layer should be made after complete drying of the previous one.

Immediately after dyeing, do not make construction work at full capacity. If all the instructions, some manufacturers offer a guarantee on high-quality coverage of up to 10 years.

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