Masonry Fireplace

In its origin, a fireplace is far ahead of various types of furnaces. Its design since the invention until today has undergone great changes, but retained the principle of operation, and the initial shape. Masonry fireplace of brick is the most common and inexpensive form of its construction in order to be used as a heat source. Currently, a masonry fireplace is used as a decorative element, and as a source of live heat. No heater is not warm you on a cold winter night, as this will make the living source of the fire.

Masonry fireplace is a very complex task, its performance depends on what he will delight you warm or create unnecessary problems. When properly folded fireplace flames like “licking” the back wall of the combustion chamber. In order to meet all the masonry fireplace high demands it is necessary to study the technology of masonry work and know some of the nuances. The most common masonry stoves and fireplaces made of clay brick corpulent. However, there may be used other heat resistant material such as stone or special firebrick. For the face of the bricks are choosing the best quality corresponding to each other in color and size, with smooth edges and right angles.

Fireplace always attracts the eyes, so masonry chimney should be made smooth horizontal and vertical rows according to strict order. Reliability, durability and beauty of your masonry fireplace is entirely dependent on the quality of the materials used. Masonry, which is correctly executed, eliminates the stone facing of the fireplace and enjoy the beauty and naturalness of brickwork. Therefore, the final cost and the price of the fireplace masonry of bricks depends on many factors. It should be taken into account and the price of materials and the cost of designing and labor wizard performing masonry. If you intend to make a fire with his own hands, we should take it seriously, to continue to not overpay for the reconstruction work.

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