Limestone Fireplace

Elegant fireplace made of natural stone limestone not only create comfort in your home, but will also become a stylish design element of the interior. Natural stone has many colors and shades, so there are plenty of options for limestone fireplace. Limestone fireplace, due to its light-yellow hue, give the surrounding atmosphere, warmth and comfort. This material will give your interior a classical rigor. Due to its natural harmony, it will make the appearance of the interior grain of the past.

When facing the fireplace with natural stone it can not ignore the fact that all the stone is perfectly combined with each other, and, if desired, are possible options combined limestone fireplace. Fireplace in natural stone limestone always favorably with fireplace, lined with cheap materials. It looks elitist and personable. Thanks to the strength and durability of the stone limestone fireplace for many years will be pleasing to the eye.
The color of the limestone can be a wide range of white, gray, yellow, pink, “peach”, gray-purple, brown, brown, blue, as well as all possible combinations and shades. The warm, lively feel, with rich colors stone is not indifferent to those who wish to make your home and the surrounding part of the nature of the cozy, beautiful and exclusively decorated. One variety is coquina limestone, representing fragments of shells cemented in a honeycomb monolith. Species that have large pores called tufa limestone.

As limestone is porous stone, after the completion of construction and finishing work using facing products made of limestone (dolomite), to emphasize the beauty and durability of stone, covered with a special water-repellent composition.

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