Granite Fireplace

Granite fireplace are exquisite detail of the interior design and functional heating simultaneously. The functionality of all fireplaces is about the same, but the look – this is something you can express their imagination and the ability to design the interior. The first criterion is the appearance of the fireplace – stuff. When manufacturing fireplaces use different materials, both natural and artificial. One of the most common materials used in the manufacture of a granite fireplace.

Granite fireplaces are good in not only appearance, but also functional features inherent to the stone. Heat resistance, strength and resistance to abrasion ensure that fireplaces granite stand for more than a decade. The structure of granite is that this stone is great for creating decorative items. Therefore, you will be able to realize their design ideas not only in terms of creating the outlines of the fireplace, but also from the point of view of its decoration as a harmonious complement the overall interior room. For example, granite fireplaces, granite tiles on the floor and the sill of the same material create a unique ensemble in the interior of the room.

Wide range of colors of granite fireplace allows you to choose the color, the most pleasing to your eyes and the corresponding conditions in the room. Imported granite from Brazil, India, Norway have both common uniform gray, red and black color and more refined bright – yellow, blue and black with a splash of gold. Colors, pleasant to the eye, deep, rich and natural light will help choose the appropriate decor: textiles, interior decorations, flowers, lighting and the like.

Granite fireplace is exquisite, extravagant, elegant and prestigious. This fireplace not only emphasize your taste and ability to appreciate quality, and testify your status and position in society.

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