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Fire awakes in our hearts surprisingly pleasant feelings – a sense of calm, peace, comfort. Indeed, it’s nice to sit by the fire, listening to the crackling wood, feel the warmth and comfort of home. There are some fireplace decorating ideas, you can use installing fireplace in your house. It is important to bear in mind that the materials used in its decoration should be in harmony, for example, finished walls, floors, should have harmonious look with furniture. Pile of tiles, natural stone and metal elements reduce the heat of the fireplace.

Depending on the style of the living room, chosen for the interior lining material (fire-resistant ceramic tiles, facing bricks, metal sheets of titanium, copper, steel or solid) and outer (stucco, thin-walled brick, artificial stone) finishes the portal.

The mirror surface is always very advantageous to look in the interior. The fire area is no exception. Will be coated with a wall on which the fireplace, reflective panels, they can be any size up to you.
Probably the most natural decor for the area by the fireplace were still logs. Carefully cut the wood, pre-cleaned of dust and dirt can be laid in a special niche beside the fireplace, in the furnace, if the fireplace is not in use.

Candles, as another source of heat and light, will also be very organic look to the fireplace. They may have a few pieces, arranged in beautiful candlesticks.

Whatever the decor, with its pair of symmetrical objects, you will create a very distinctive atmosphere. It is static, gives a sense of stability and balance is very space.

If the portal itself fireplace and a place above it does not allow your imagination run wild in the decor, feel free to engage the shelves or niches on either side of the fireplace, if any. Arrange them on the books, statues, pictures, candles, dishes and all sorts of other interesting details. Hope this fireplace decorating ideas will help you to create your own cozy drawing-room.

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