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Today, a fireplace in the room of the house – it’s not fancy and exclusive accessory, but a practical luxury. To heater worked without smoke or reverse thrust, it is necessary to choose the right, to design and build in fireplace chimney. On them depends the life of the fire, fire safety and efficient operation of heating systems. Chimneys for fireplaces are divided into three groups:

Enameled pipes for stoves and fireplaces. They are made of black high quality steel and coated with a layer of heat-resistant enamel.

The ceramic fireplace chimney. They are easy to install and processed, do not deform during operation, resistant to high temperatures and soot fire. Such pipe for the fireplace perfectly accumulates heat and is considered one of the most reliable.

Fireplace chimney made of stainless steel. They are resistant to excessive moisture, heat, dryness, and physical impact. These tubes, being very strong, take up little space and fit into any room.

In order to provide sufficient thrust, it is important that the flue gas as it move along the cooled flue minimal. To reduce heat loss, chimney walls must have a sufficient thickness. When the location of the fireplace chimney in the middle of the room walls spread in a half-brick thick, the outer wall at the cold – in a brick. Skip chimney through the wooden wall should be carried out in compliance with fire safety regulations through asbestos cement or metal sheet. The internal surfaces of chimney should be smooth, with no protruding parts. Avoid slanted fireplace chimney, since the turning point there are additional local resistance and lengthens the path of gases. If the inevitable twists and turns, the tolerance of the vertical should not exceed 30 °. Do not increase the cross section of the chimney, as in ducts with large cross sections more gases are cooled.

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