Fireless Fireplace

Fireplace is a dream of almost every city dweller. Sit in the evening with the whole family or just relax in solitude at his hearth and home is cozy and priceless.

Initially fireplaces were created in order to heat the room. However, in the current conditions, this is not necessary, so it has become an exquisite element of the interior, often – the center of the composition. Now the fireplace is not necessary to have a fire. Even if for some reason you stopped using it, it is still home decoration. Moreover, you can buy a dresser and decorate it as stylish fireplace.

The advantage of the fireless fireplace is universal: it is possible to simulate a fire in the hearth, or just focus on decorating. Portal for the fireplace is made in different ways, the most refined is setting candles. If the opening of the fireplace insert in a chaotic manner to put small accessories and a variety of candles, the fireplace can be magically transformed into a wonderful backdrop for a romantic dinner or a meeting.

The best option for lazy lovers of warming up by the lights is electric fireplace. By its structure, it’s a decorative portal and electric fan. These fireplaces do not require special permits, are easy to install and they are fireproof. With the shape of a full-fledged outbreak, they have all the advantages of a good heat sink: the system “climate-control”, remote temperature control, sleep timer.

The fireless fireplace simulates the flame through technology. To create the effect of “live” fire manufacturers contrive as they can. You can choose the smoldering “electro- firewood “, and three-dimensional logs and light the hearth with sound, and even a small puff of smoke disappearing in the air (of course, just a couple). Illusion, as they say, is a great deal! If you just want to meditate near the dancing flames, heating can be turned off.

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