Faux Fireplace

The presence of a faux fireplace in the room, even if it is not quite true, subtly alters the atmosphere – it becomes a cozy, warm. Let the common phrase “homey atmosphere” sounds as cliché, its meaning does not change. This heat does not have to be physically tangible, as if you are already thinking about how to make a false fireplace; it will be transferred into warm of your soul.

For a citizen to have a home faux fireplace – almost an impossible dream. That is no reason to part with it, because you can make a false fireplace with his hands out of drywall or other material. In addition, it may not necessarily be just decorative, if integrate into the burner of biofuel or electric fireplace, the apartment will be an additional source of heat. About how to make a false fireplace itself, much has been written. However, the recommendations are too general: make a frame, sew his plasterboard (plywood, paneling, particleboard, and so on. P.) and finish it. Let’s try to understand in more detail how to make by your own hands faux fireplace plasterboard, what materials and tools that will be required and what types of finishes can be applied. Mounting frame should start with the application of markings on the walls and floor and mounting rails along the lines supported profiles, cut to length. For mounting to concrete profile is applied in place and it drilled a hole on the wall to mark remained. In the wall of the hole drilled with a drill or punch with the appropriate nozzle, they are inserted plugs. Faux fireplace profile is set to guide and fastened to it with screws. First, the base is mounted to the fire, then a portal with a niche for the furnace. To frame has turned out quite tough, racks and long horizontal sections fastened together with jumpers.

Every detail of the need to cut drywall after careful measurements. It cuts the material or jigsaw, or wallpapering ordinary knife. Cutting through the layer of cardboard on the one hand, sufficient to break the plate cut along the line, and then cut along the line of breaking the back of the cardboard.

The most common decorative veneer tile fireplaces made of artificial stone. This is done in the usual way – a special tile adhesive recommended by the manufacturer or liquid nails. If the tile has the correct form, during its installation of faux fireplace is necessary to maintain an even gap between the rows, using the plastic ear-crosses.

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