Double Sided Fireplace

As you know, the chimney and fireplace insert built located inside the wall. However, part of the furnace simply does not fit in the wall and the back of the stands in the adjacent room. Double sided fireplace solves this problem: the flame can be seen at once from both rooms. In a conventional built-in fireplace, direct thermal radiation from the flame comes into the room. To increase the intensity of the heating, the sidewalls of the furnace is set at an angle towards the fa├žade. Part of heat rays reflected off them and into the room, it has a living room with fireplace, built-in type is better heated. When two opposing fronts such construction cannot be applied. Therefore, the radiation area of the double sided fireplace at the bilateral more, but heat in each of the rooms comes less. Office and living room with fireplace, common to both buildings will be heated worse, but will benefit in terms of aesthetics. Another problem is related to the large flow of air coming into the furnace. When two facades of this flow rate is doubled: air carries much more heat to the outside, and the efficiency of the fire decreases. At the same time, the flue gases diluted large amount of cold air entering the tube at a lower temperature, thus deteriorating traction and fireplace begins to smoke.

Therefore, to create a two-way model only became possible with the advent of closed furnaces. They are placed on both sides. They give the opportunity to admire the fire in the hearth and throw firewood, while in any of the rooms. If desired, such a furnace can be operated with the door open, but the door opening into another room, should be closed. The presence of two glass facades at the furnace significantly reduces its efficiency, but the heating capacity of the bilateral fireplace can be significantly improved by convection in the smoke box. For the organization of convection or make, the sweeping double wall or leave a gap and openings for entry and exit of air between them and the lining. Bilateral built fireplaces are made in the same way as traditional. Since the construction is hidden in the wall, facing the combustion needs only window. Portal is not related to the construction of the double sided fireplace, so it needs to own base. They may simply be ground brick or screed, laid out a stone or tiles. If the model has a weight of 400 kg, the foundation is required. For two and two portals need foundation and should not be in contact with the basement wall.

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