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With the proliferation of individual housing construction among the owners of private houses significantly increased interest in the construction of fireplaces. Despite the fact that the construction of a full-fledged heating contemporary fireplace in our latitudes cannot be named, construction companies and home artisans create and offer facilities for self-variety types of fireplaces. Sometimes it is even difficult to choose a suitable option for themselves. The main purpose of this element of the interior iscreation of a home atmosphere of coziness, warmth and comfort. This function cannot perform the fire in a similar audio least one of the other household items. In addition, let in cold winters, its capabilities are far from the real space heating (the most significant disadvantage of the fire is that it does not accumulate and retains heat for a long time), nothing can compare with it in beauty and wealth of experiences provided. Therefore, what is the contemporary fireplace.

By type of fuel all, the fireplaces are usually divided into wood, gas and electric. There are two other less common variations – a bio fireplaces and fireplace oven. They are so different from each other that unites them, perhaps, the only resemblance and the function of heat. Indoor fireplace built only in conjunction with the construction of the house, because it requires making specific modifications to the foundation and walls. Closed contemporary fireplace is also called English as extremely common just in the UK. External fireplaces. Located outside the walls and foundation of the house and are convenient in that they can hold at any time after the construction of the house. Corner contemporary fireplace. It is kind of a semi-open or external fire, which is located in the corner of the room. Such a fireplace warms several walls, although it does inefficiently. Outdoor, insular or Swiss fireplace. This species is rarely found in our homes. Such a fireplace is located in the middle or somewhere in the interior of the room and is used mainly for decorative purposes. Choosing a contemporary fireplace for the house, each owner is guided, of course, personal taste, desires and ideas of comfort and coziness. We recommend, however, carefully examine all possible construction of fireplaces, so as not to miss anything interesting.

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