Christmas Fireplace

Christmas is a holiday, which is clearly symbolized by New Year’s tree. What else you can decorate your home and make it the Christmas spirit? Firstly, it is Christmas wreaths on doors and windows, candles, Christmas decorations out of twigs and cones. In addition, this is another idea: make wit your own hands a temporary fireplace that will adorn your home and all its views will waft a pleasant association.

How to make Christmas fireplace with his hands? If you have a ready-made fireplace, a wood overlaid it – ready. If not – Only one thing – make decorative Christmas fireplace improvised and inexpensive materials. For work, we need: thick cardboard or cardboard box, paper, glue, tape, brush and paint, a little imagination. Then everything is simple enough: first, glue the cardboard bottom rectangular pedestal and a top, only slightly thicker.
Then cut and glue the two rectangular columns with a closed base (that they could then be glued to the top of the pedestal and fireplace). The last thing we cut out the back wall of our New Year’s fireplace. Everything is ready now holds together all the parts of the fireplace between a double sided tape or a stapler.

Now proceed to paint the fireplace. The upper pedestal colorable imitation wood, the lower part of the fireplace brick colorable by using the red-orange and brown paint. For more similarities with the texture of the brick can be glued to the paper crumpled napkins, and then paint them. Decorative fence also cut out of cardboard, colorable, we attach to the fireplace using double-sided tape or glue.

It remains to highlight the fireplace. Here, too, you can show any imagination – use a regular garland, electric candles (do not try to just use real!), or any other light. We hang on the fireplace socks for gifts, decorated with a fireplace and tinsel rain.

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