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Almost every modern homeowner dreams of solitude in the company of the fireplace: soothing crackle of flames and unusual game, from what it is practically impossible to withdraw eyes, help to have a rest and passive thoughts take you closer to nature. Not always dream of a fireplace made of natural materials can come true, so the apartment owners are increasingly turning to the formulation and device of their own models, so-called false fireplaces from ordinary drywall or boxes. There are plenty of options for lined fireplaces – from the more complex designs to the most simple. However, whatever model you choose to implement you won’t reach a good result, without accuracy and diligence. It is important to make an accurate calculation, to consider each element of future construction, and calmly, without too much nervousness and confusion, to realize your idea. Then certainly everything will turn out, do not hesitate!

Manufacturing of any structure, as any work, is preceded by a preparatory phase, during which a place for the installation is usually selected and cleared. Raised cardboard fireplace is better to place in a space free of furniture and household goods. A narrower one fits perfectly against the wall, which will not be a massive closet and unsightly corner to brighten up an elegant corner cardboard fireplace trim, which can be used even as a convenient shelf. Then, taking into account the available free space, choose the size of the future product. It’s time to proceed with the development of the design sketch in two variations: first in the form of a drawing with all dimensions, then as a finished product – already with a decorative design. Here the main thing to remember is that decorating is one of the key processes of creating a false fire of cardboard boxes with your own hands, because its design does not matter, what matters is how it looks and how much it fits into the interior of the premises.

The process of cardboard fireplace decoration is the most creative phase and the most pleasant work, during which fireplace acquires a beautiful design and presentation. For decoration you can use a wide molding and stucco elements that can be used to emphasize the elegant and refined style of the cardboard fireplace.

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