Brick Fireplace

The popularity of fireplaces is now growing steadily. After all, the fireplace creates a unique atmosphere in the house, making the home more comfortable and original. It argued that the fireplace is quite difficult to construct, and the process can deliver a lot of trouble, but it is not. After all, the fireplace is essentially a simplified version of the oven.

The main thing that should be explored before you start making brick fireplace by yourself is the drawings. There are many methods of masonry fireplaces and in fact, they do not differ from the furnace. Masonry of fireplaces must be carried out to obtain a solid monolithic construction. This can be achieved by ligation of the transverse and longitudinal seams. Specific requirements for laying in the construction of fireplaces is leaks. Consequently, it is inadmissible to use bricks with cracks in the binder and the stretcher faces. As the thickness decreases strength of masonry joints as joints under high temperatures deforms more than brick. Therefore, the seams should be smooth and not more than 5 mm thick in the masonry from the usual brick and 3 mm for the refractory brickwork. To maintain a certain thickness of the joints, it is necessary to prepare a good plastic mortar. When brick fireplace can not do as much as the use of some bricks. To create the inner channel and the outer clutch to be applied share bricks.

Red brick tends to absorb water, since he has a porous structure. Before laying, it is necessary to soak it in water. Firebrick does not need it. Before laying, wash it with dust, to ensure a good grip with the solution.

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