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Luxurious interiors do not tolerate simple materials. For undying classics big lots fireplace is a symbol of consistency, good taste and fidelity to traditions. Fashion on the tree will never go away, so the portals of valuable wood can be selected, without thinking about their relevance in a few years. The elegant frame is ideal for decorating wood homes, electric fireplaces, bio fireplaces and create decorative imitations.

To reduce the thermal radiation wood is insulated by brick, concrete or stone. What kind of wood is used for the big lots fireplace? In general the array of valuable species, such as ash, oak, and red oak. As a result, the color of the portal can be almost anything from the natural wood color to black, no color restrictions. Wooden portal looks good in any style (renaissance, baroque, classical, modern, and hi-tech). In the frame of the bas-reliefs and columns may be carving, engraving, or other decorative elements. As a rule, choose U-shaped portal and the upper part of the big lots fireplace is framed by a tree. Wooden portals are suitable for wood-burning and electric fireplaces. The advantage of a wooden portal from the others is its environmental friendliness.

In urban apartments one cannot build a real big lots fireplace but no less attractive in the interior electrical fireplaces looks, for which wooden frame is ideal. Modern electric fireplaces are almost indistinguishable from their “fiery” predecessors in appearance. The new technology simulates real flame believable and emits heat.

Choosing a big lots fireplace made of natural wood, you should take into account the area and height of the room, the style of the interior and furniture of the room illumination. In the small living rooms successfully angular and narrow near-wall models are entered and spacious rooms look beautifully with massive pockets. When buying individual elements it is important to follow the rule – first buying embedded furnace and then choosing the right size and type of frame. If you purchased not a set of fireplace, but only decorative portal, you need to make the frame of the bars treated with antiseptic.

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