Fireplace Chimney

Today, a fireplace in the room of the house – it’s not fancy and exclusive accessory, but a practical luxury. To heater worked without smoke or reverse thrust, it is necessary to choose the right, to design and build in fireplace chimney. On them depends the life of the fire, fire safety and efficient operation of heating systems. Chimneys for fireplaces are divided into three groups: Enameled pipes for stoves and fireplaces. They are made […]

Barbecue Fire Pit

BBQ is a process cooking on low heat or hot coals. When it takes a long time, is slow, it allows you to break down the muscle fibers of collagen, and the meat is extremely soft and gentle. It is believed, that the name “barbecue” originated in the Caribbean, and is translated from the local dialect means “sacred fire pit.” According to tradition, the inhabitants of the Caribbean used the shallow barbecue fire pit for […]

Heat & Glo Fireplaces

Popularity of stoves heat and glo fireplaces nowadays is growing. There are many reasons for that. The main one, in our opinion, is the desire to make your home warm and cozy, and the interior – an attractive and original. If the living room has a fireplace, as a rule, it becomes the center of attraction. However, for the attention of the inhabitants of the house with it competes another thing – the TV. This […]

Fire Pit Outfitter

If you are not able to carry out a full tour of the nature, use your yard in a country house! Small children will have great fun and will feel all the romance of gatherings around the campfire. At the same time, they will feel completely safe, since the number of their warm and cozy home. To arrange camping in the backyard, you will need tents, blankets and pillows. The special charm of your camp […]

Ventless Fireplace

Is it possible to organize in the house of the living source of heat without a chimney – a fireplace, stove or any other heater? Most of the answers to this question, referring to the modern electric fireplace, very precisely simulates real. However, there are other, more “natural” options. Modern manufacturers offer us a huge amount of various climatic equipment, including heaters, which really helps us to comfortably go through the off-season with more not […]

Ceramic Fireplace Logs

The highlight of bio fireplaces that a special burner burns cleaner biofuel (bioethanol), wherein combustion occurs without soot and smoke, so do not require a chimney. Live fire and decorative ceramic fireplace logs create an overall impression of conventional fireplace. The room in which bio fireplace is installed, does not require special ventilation, using a simple window or windows. Burn ethanol is safe for human breathing and non-toxic, it does not cause allergic reaction. You […]

Fake Fireplace Logs

Abroad has long been understood that the solid wood to burn in the presence of a huge amount of waste wood, light industry, food processing and heavy industry – at least, unwise. Then the scientists and technologists have invented a method of making a comfortable and fuel efficient of this waste. Therefore, to get a product that is today called briquettes or fake fireplace logs. Heating the briquettes are easy to transport and storage, they […]

Gas Logs for Fireplace

According to the type of used fuel there are several types of fireplaces: fireplace stoves and wood-burning fireplaces (used as fuel wood, coal, briquettes), gas fireplaces (using natural gas) and electric fireplaces (powered from the mains). Gas fireplace is a kind of fire, whose furnace is a gas burner with an automatic control system. Typically, a gas fireplace insert is decorated with non-combustible artificial gas fireplace logs, and for greater realism of “wood”, special spreading […]

Electric Fireplace Logs

Very often modern models of electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces and bio fireplaces you can see in the furnace of decorative wood, which create the illusion of a burning flame in the hearth and smoke emanating from burning them. Modern technologies of electric fireplaces allow their owners to enjoy the sound of burning wood in the firebox. For the production of electric logs for fireplace manufacturers use fire-resistant ceramics, which is not afraid of the heat. […]

Masonry Fireplace

In its origin, a fireplace is far ahead of various types of furnaces. Its design since the invention until today has undergone great changes, but retained the principle of operation, and the initial shape. Masonry fireplace of brick is the most common and inexpensive form of its construction in order to be used as a heat source. Currently, a masonry fireplace is used as a decorative element, and as a source of live heat. No […]