Wall Fireplace

Wall mounted electric fireplaces in hi-tech style is a perfect choice for those who appreciate contemporary style and brevity in interior decoration. These wall fireplaces are mounted on the wall and look like a futuristic living picture. Hi-tech means limit the rigor and clarity of lines, minimalism colors, the use of glass, metal and glass ceramics. For fire-resistant glass in a frame of a rectangular frame made of silver or black material – flickering flame, […]

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Fire enclosed in the hearth, is able to create in a room atmosphere of comfort and warmth. However, it has a downside. After all, in order to maintain the optimum temperature in the room must be constantly underlay firewood into the portal. You must also constantly rake the accumulated ash, which hinders the process of combustion. Consequently, there is a need to install or woodsheds baskets for ash. Biofuels and coal does not solve the […]

Fireplace Renovation

Purpose of almost any fireplace is not only in heating premises, what, of course, is in first place, but to be a decoration at home. It is necessary to fireplace at home organically and naturally fit into the interior of the room, it became the center and all the inhabitants of the house was comfortable and cozy to gather around him cold evenings. Unfortunately, fireplaces are not eternal, as with any product of human hands, […]

Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Dimplex electric fireplace is the well-known Irish brand, going far ahead of the competition. These products are a unique combination of luxurious design and maximum ease of operation. Electric fireplace symbolizes comfort and tranquility, detachment from worldly vanity, which is especially important in our age of speed. Dimplex electric fireplace as its parent – a wood-burning fireplace can heat a large area of the room. It will become a great alternative to the traditional wood-burning […]

Dimplex Fireplace Insert

Dimplex fireplace insert allows you to turn the fireplace a decorative element in a complete heating unit, allowing you to quickly heat the room where the stove is installed and maintain a warm atmosphere throughout the process of burning firewood. In addition, the dimplex fireplace insert considerably reduces wood consumption. Wood consumption is reduced due to the possibility of adjusting the air supply to the combustion. When igniting the fireplace damper is completely open, allowing […]

Dimplex Fireplace Hearth

How often in the fireplace hearth, we lack the living flame and heat chimney fire. It is a magnet attracts, giving not only comfort and convenience, but also aesthetically pleasing. Not every citizen can afford to install a real fireplace in the apartment. Today, there is an optimal solution – electric fireplaces world famous company “Dimplex”. Wide range of fireplaces, portals and hearths with a flame effect and 3D-effect of the flame, as well as […]

Garden Fire Pit

In recent years, there is a significant increase in the popularity of garden fire pits. The art of cooking on the grill is not only fun pastime, but also very delicious food. Cookbook of dishes for the grill every year is getting thicker and thicker. Increasingly in the summer, you’re going with friends to pamper yourself with exquisite dishes cooked over a fire. Let’s look at today’s grills used in our gardens. There are many […]

Cauldron Fire Pit

Having learned to fry the meat on the fire in prehistoric times, people use this principle of preparation for this day. Today there are so many recipes and appliances for cooking barbecue. We have the most common arrangement – cauldron fire pit in the form of a metal box on legs, filled with coals, with recesses in the sidewalls to hold the skewers. The advantages of this barbecue – its low cost and ease of […]

Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

Who does not love a holiday with a barbecue? However, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to travel frequently to the countryside. You can arrange a holiday for yourself and friends at least every weekend with help of modern cowboy fire pit grill. Bavarian sausages, pork and beefsteaks, trout and hot sandwiches – an endless list of dishes. Today, you can order and buy cowboy fire pit grill with three modes – oven, heating and barbecue. […]

Copper Fire Pit

Modern copper fire pit of combined design, are usually made of heat-resistant concrete with marble chips. For your convenience, almost all models are equipped with a copper or steel smoke box; it can be mounted smoke box with built smokehouse. The lower part of the combustion chamber is lined with ceramic bricks for longer life. Airflow through the iron grate optimize combustion of coal, and a handy ash drawer facilitate the cleaning after use. All […]