Table Top Fire Pit

Fireplace is a very comfortable thing in the interior. What can you say about the table, which is also the fireplace? No light will not replace the warmth of a living fire. Because fireplaces are becoming easier and safer, the designers were able to combine them with different pieces of furniture such as table top fire pit. Designer Axel Schaefer recently introduced the asymmetric table with built-in fireplace, which works on ethanol. In fact, the […]

Natural Stone Fire Pit

Fireplace in essence a hole in the ground with strong stalls that help keep the form bonfire, protect the flame from the wind and keep warm. This is especially important in our crowded suburban areas where there is a danger of fire from fire properly organized. So, the first task – to choose a location on the site for your natural stone fire pit. It is desirable that the center was not in the flood […]

Pavestone Fire Pit

With the development of the private cottage construction and an increase in wanting to live away from the city, enjoying the beauty of nature and fresh air, there are new architectural solutions. One of these events was the internal cobbled courtyard – patio adjacent to the house from the rear. Times have changed, and now it is hard for someone to surprise the presence near the cottage patio. And the desire of people to have […]

Limestone Fireplace

Elegant fireplace made of natural stone limestone not only create comfort in your home, but will also become a stylish design element of the interior. Natural stone has many colors and shades, so there are plenty of options for limestone fireplace. Limestone fireplace, due to its light-yellow hue, give the surrounding atmosphere, warmth and comfort. This material will give your interior a classical rigor. Due to its natural harmony, it will make the appearance of […]

Galvanized Fire Pit Ring

in the sun, but also warm up by the fire at cool evenings. It’s nice when a place is still pleasing to the eye and its decor, but not black spots on the grass. Yard fireplace can be made of galvanized fire pit ring. For this cut a sheet 2 of different lengths. Take 2 of them are of different diameter metal ring, put them on a small distance from each other, fasten screws and […]

Menards Fire Pit

The warm season is always associated with the cottage, menards fire pit and pleasant pastime outdoors. Menards fire pit would be the best assistant in the preparation of tasty and healthy food on an open fire. The company’s products represent not only a true European quality, but also a long tradition of manufacturing the best barbecues, stoves and grills. From the first days of operation, the company has focused on the production of high-quality menards […]

Fireplace Glass Crystals

According to its intended purpose – cooking – home fireplace is no longer used and its main function – heating is rather pleasant and rarely demanded bonus. In most cases, fireplace glass crystals are a decorative elements, the presence of which in the interior due to the stylistic belonging to a specific design. Build a “real” wood burning or gas fireplace and the chimney to hold the apartment is quite problematic. Instead of a massive […]

Fire Pit Base

Fire pit base in the countryside begins with the arrangement of the complex excavation work – a place in the future fire deepen about 0.1-0.3 m with a diameter of 0.5-1 m. Subject to protect hearth solid walls, a height of about 0.2 0.3 m, the space around it and you can not bridge. In order to protect herself from the ashes used strip steel with a galvanized coating of which is bent ring with […]

Fireplace Cleaning

For continuously operated furnaces and fireplace cleaning is recommended monthly, and if used regularly – at least once a year. Inspect the chimney for cracks and debris visually or with a camera. If the system of the chimney is in good condition – burning aspen wood. Strong and dry heat aspen dries and burns soot and resinous substances, which are taken out into the air through the chimney. Chemical cleaning of the chimney is carried […]

Napoleon Fireplace

Company Napoleon produces heating and ventilation equipment – its including fireplaces, running on gas and wood fuel, charcoal and gas grills, as well as various equipment for picnics, so loved by people around the world, regardless of their income level, the area in which they live and climatic conditions in this part of the planet. The entire range of passes the necessary certification, including ISO 9001 – 2008. Manufacturing of production conducted in industries located […]