Cast Iron Fireplace

In today’s climate of any country a resident thinks about how to install metal furnaces for cottage. Comfortable and functional steel stove allows you to extend the holiday season, as well as to heat the house in the coldest nights. Agree, it is very nice to spend time with your family near the cozy cast iron fireplace, when the window garden sheds rain and wind storms. In addition, it’s ideal steel stove for heating small […]

Fireplace Accessories

It’s hard to argue with the notion that a fireplace in modern homes is a real heart, the main source of warmth and comfort. In addition, in order to maintain this focus in working condition, we have developed special accessories for the fireplace. They help to make the job of caring for the heater easy and fun. The concept of “the necessary fireplace accessories” includes the following items: Sets care. These are special kits to […]

Fire Pit Cooking Grate

Fire pit cooking grate is an essential attribute for a comfortable stay in nature and allows you to organize your stay with maximum comfort and taste. Any grill grate is made of stainless steel or nickel-plated with food non-stick coating. Gridiron intended for frying meat, poultry or fish on the coals. Fire pit cooking grate, due to its size, allows placing the product overall or roast it slices. Gridiron is incredibly easy to transport and […]

Cooking Fire Pit

Kebab or barbecue is a dish beloved by so many people, that’s why there are many recipes for its cooking. However, the question now is not about recipes. One of the most important stages in the transformation of semi-finished product into tasty and delicious is heat treatment. To do this, we usually harvest wood, kindle fire, and after the formation of a sufficient amount of coal, fry the meat well, – directly going to cooking […]

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

In the past direct vent gas fireplace was a common niche in the wall, completed with simple chimney made of clay or wood. Such a structure was large, occupied huge space of dwelling; it was characterized by high cost of resources in the production, so it was claimed by a limited segment of consumers. Naturally, to build a chimney in a normal city apartment is not possible for technical reasons. While in some cases, there […]

Charmglow Electric Fireplace

Charmglow electric fireplace is recently in high demand, especially for wall-mounted models. Along with other categories of charmglow electric fireplace company and its heating properties, they are very harmoniously combined with a wall-mounted electric fireplace interior. It enough to buy, hang it on one of the walls in the room, plugged in, and you can enjoy the warmth he radiates. Advantages of wall charmglow electric fireplace include cost (modern wall-mounted electric fireplaces are very careful […]

Marco Fireplace Parts

Today the market offers a wide range of marco fireplace parts from different manufacturers. When buying a fireplace it is important to immediately buy spare parts for the fireplace, which may be required during installation. Company has everything that you may need to perform the installation work. It is important to note that it only works with manufacturers of fireplaces, so can offer to clients favorable conditions of purchase of the equipment. In addition, the […]

Fire Pit Dining Table

The first room to which to buy furniture when moving to a new home is the kitchen. In addition, to buy a fire pit dining table is the main thing when choosing furniture for the kitchen. What should be the dining table? On what parameters need to pay attention if you are going to buy a dining fire pit dining table? First, pay attention to the materials from which made dining table. Popular materials chipboard, […]

Terra Cotta Fire Pit

Fireplace not only performs the function of heating the room, but it is a special decoration. Finishing of the construction is done in different ways: plastering followed by painting and finishing decorative natural stone and finally lined with ceramic tiles. Terra cotta fire pit tiles allows design fit almost any decor, making it the center of attention. Tiles for fireplaces and stoves is available in a wide range and can be found in the sale […]

Temco Fireplace

Ceramic gas burner for temco fireplace, distinguished by reliability and safety in operation. Engineers of temco fireplace constantly improves the design of ceramic gas burners using modern technology and apparatus for controlling the combustion of the leading manufacturers of gas equipment. Variety range allows the gas burner in fireplaces of different sizes and configurations. Flame gas temco fireplace looks almost impossible to distinguish from the working on wood fireplace. The heart of the gas fireplace […]