Clay Fire Pit

If in the conditions of a city apartment playing with fire can end up pretty bad, the cottage or the plot has all the conditions to enjoy a real, live fire and at the same time to use it for its intended purpose, i.e. for cooking. Many people equip a place for barbecue in their garden, but there is a more attractive option – to arrange a real clay fire pit, that, judging from the […]

Preway Fireplace

In our age of high-tech conquering preway fireplace acquired special popularity among buyers. Its unusual design greatly changes our ideas about home. Such a model with an open combustion chamber is likely to create comfort and to maintain the style of the modern interior – their power is typically less than 8 kW. The metal centers of equipped closed combustion chamber have a capacity of 10-14 kW, and can serve also as excellent heater. Let […]

White Electric Fireplace

By itself, the electric fireplace is still the old well-known heater, but apparently mimics the look of a traditional, respectable fireplace with allegedly burning flame in it. In general, among the electric fireplaces common configuration includes two elements, including directly heating furnace, as well as decorative facings. As for the lining, it can be represented with very different options, ranging from classic to exclusive designer. It all depends directly on the preferences of the customer, […]

Alcohol Fireplace

The fuel used in our chimneys is familiar to ethyl alcohol (also called ethanol or bioethanol), which is known as produced primarily from sugar beet or other natural products. Of course, conventional fireplaces and fireplaces fueled with natural fuel (wood or coal) look unlike standard fireplaces. Alcohol fireplace does not produce any soot or smoke. There are some arguments in favor of buying Bio fireplaces. Installation of alcohol fireplace is so simple that you can […]

LSU Fire Pit

This beautiful and safe place for a fire in the country is still functional. Many of lsu fire pit are made not only for beauty, but also can be used as a grill. Fire from portative open fireplace will warm you right where you need it. The practical form of a bowl will not allow fire to be freely distributed. It is not something you need to ditch and sprinkle sand. Now the fire in […]

Fire Dancer Fire Pit

The dream of many owners of country houses or traditional city apartments is to decorate the interior of home by real fireplace. You will admit, that live fire is that rare phenomenon, which you can admire infinitely. Unfortunately, to set a wonderful fireplace in any room is unlikely to succeed. The reason is the small size of our apartments and the harsh rules of fire safety, where there is a strict ban on open fires […]

Paloform Fire Pit

Fire pit is the constant attribute of trips into the countryside. You can admire the flame, cook food on it, and chat with friends directly in the garden or in the backyard of your house. It is difficult to explain why we like to look at the fire. Perhaps, at this time we are remind of ancestors for whom fire was vital. In addition, because mesmerizing flames help to relax, to dream, to forget the […]

Sylvania Electric Fireplace

Sylvania electric fireplace is ideal for those who want to create a cozy corner in a city apartment or a private house. Modern electric fireplaces are worthy replacement to their old counterparts. Elegant design, realistic flickering flame effect and coal, the diversity of styles, colors and shapes – it all characterizes sylvania electric fireplace. There are some benefits of such fireplaces. This electric fireplace simply cannot be distinguished from the real, due to the effect […]

Cast Stone Fireplace

Fireplace, in any case, no matter how perfectly it fits into the interior, make it unique, beautiful and cozy. In addition, if it’s cast stone fireplace, the room and all around will be luxurious and elegant. Stone fireplaces have always been considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth. The range of every company, of course, includes stone fireplaces, which are very high quality, durable and diverse in its design. Marble is considered the most appropriate […]

Cast Aluminum Fire Pit

Cast aluminum fire pit is a great way to burn a fire so that you can move it to any convenient place on the one hand; on the other hand you will not spoil the land and grass in the place where the fire will burn. Every meter of land is dear to us. Cast aluminum fire pit is also convenient because we can easily gather ashes from it to fertilize the area or just […]