Stacked Stone Fireplace

Shape, style, location, materials, as well as the special design of the firebox and chimney can classify fireplaces. Fireplace made of bricks is a versatile option. It’s perfect for a country house, villas, cottages or spacious apartments due to its unpretentious and accessible qualities. They are easy to operate and maintain. They quickly heat premises and retain heat for a long time. Chimney of stacked stone fireplace of the room provides excellent ventilation. Properties and […]

Fireplace Blower

Fireplace blower was invented for inflating the coals and have been successfully used in homes with fireplace or stove. With the help of this simple device is easy to ignite dormant for a few seconds on the hearth fire. Majority of fireplace blowers are handmade, so they look exclusive and stylish. For creating only high quality materials are used – such as exotic species of wood and leather. As decoration, artisans use metal (as polished […]

Natural Gas Fireplace

The time when the fire in the house was vital necessity, left far in the past. Today, we surround ourselves with objects of the interior, making our home respectable luxury, that is actually cheap. Bio fireplaces can be rightly attributed to such design solutions. Acquisition of biofuel fireplaces means setting yourself and your family in a safe and environmentally friendly heating. Natural gas fireplace is the kind of fireplace insert, which is a gas burner […]

Ethanol Fireplace

The dream to have a house fire haunts many people, but the installation of a conventional fireplace is impossible in the apartment. However, there is an excellent alternative that will allow you to fulfill your dream – fireplaces working on ethanol. Advantages of such ethanol fireplace are listed below. They are simple and easy to handle and can be installed anywhere in your apartment. For installation of ethanol fireplace, you don’t need necessary permits. It […]

Uniflame Fire Pit

Uniflame fire pit is a device that is useful for cooking, and most notably it’s important from an aesthetic point of view. Live fire on the terrace or in the garden is not superfluous, if the fire lit in the open and highly secure bowl. Bowl for the fire that you can buy for your yard, is suitable for a romantic evening, and friendly gatherings. There’re two types of uniflame fire pits – fixed and […]

Tabletop Fireplace

Fire with cozy crackling woods in it and fun dancing flames over it, is difficult to kindle in an average city apartment. It is necessary to build the chimney, get many permits from local authorities, and it takes up a lot space. The price of such a fireplace is quite high in our country, and the hassle of installing is lot of time-consuming. It’s is not a reason to give up the magic of live […]

Stainless Fire Pit

Metal fire spheres and bowls for the fire are a wonderful decoration of the garden and suburban areas that gives positive emotions and happiness of communication! Decorative barbecues, stainless fire pits and street pockets will allow not only to enjoy the view of the burning flame, but to cook delicious and unusual dishes with a unique fragrant smoke by yourself! Using stainless fire pit, you finally have a great opportunity to spend a relaxing evening […]

Jotul Wood Stove

Products by Norwegian company “Jotul” – wood-burning cast iron stoves and cast iron burners for fireplaces have an impeccable reputation. Norwegian furnace not only warms people, but also decorates their homes, giving comfort and warmth, magnificent stylish design, which delights the eye. Jotul wood stoves have proved their durability, strength, safety and ease of use in practice. Their ovens and furnaces are easy to install and look great in any environment. Quality and reliability, tradition […]

Lopi Wood Stove

Lopi stoves usually work on solid fuels: wood or wood waste. Today, wood burning stove is a great alternative to central heating. You can use it to heat the holiday houses and cottages, production halls, warehouses, garages. To do this, you need only install the equipment on a flat surface to create a certain distance from the wall and adjacent facilities, and connect it to the chimney. Make a few simple operations and wood-fired lopi […]

Gel Fuel Fireplace

The need to build or buy a fireplace rarely is the result of a spontaneous decision. Often this idea matures over the years – as part of the dream of a perfect cozy room, and implements together with your own holiday home design or with the room status increase. Moreover, a fireplace is a crucial element not only of the interior style formation, but your way of life. However, the complexity of creating and installing […]