Sunken fire pit

The predecessor of fireplace was a sunken fire pit – a deepening dug in the ground. It served two main objectives: didn’t not allow the fire to spread and kept the heat for cooking. For cooking it’s used infrequently and performs rather aesthetic function. Here you can read how to make it with their own hands. Live fire in the evening in the garden or on the terrace creates a lasting impression. However, the fire […]

Fireplace decorating ideas

Fire awakes in our hearts surprisingly pleasant feelings – a sense of calm, peace, comfort. Indeed, it’s nice to sit by the fire, listening to the crackling wood, feel the warmth and comfort of home. There are some fireplace decorating ideas, you can use installing fireplace in your house. It is important to bear in mind that the materials used in its decoration should be in harmony, for example, finished walls, floors, should have harmonious […]

Cinder block fire pit

Beach fire pit will make the evening by the sea memorable! Such a fire to warm and protect you from the cool sea breeze and allow to cook a delicious dinner fragrant. If you like to relax with a company in your own garden, at first glance it may seem that the simplest solution is to kindle the fire on the ground, choosing a place away from buildings and trees. However, this fire is difficult […]

Beach fire pit

Everybody likes beach vacations! Beautiful sea and golden sand, extensive coastline, golden tan and incendiary parties. Moreover, at the end of the day – a cozy evening with your beloved family or friends near built up by your own fire. What could be better? Nevertheless, kindling a fire on the beach should be made accordingly to some rules, because it must be safe for travelers, do not pollute and contaminate the recreation area, but also […]

Glass Fire Pit

Glass fire pit is completely innovative model of an outdoor fireplaces. Modern, bright outlines allow to make the atmosphere of your garden and yard unusual and stylish, decorate it with a fascinating  effect of watching a beautiful flame. Refracting and reflecting the light coming from the fire, the glass contributes to the unusual perception, allows you to experience new sensations. Therefore, these fireplaces are becoming more popular design elements. By the wish, you can make […]

Fire Pit and Fire Ring

First of all, you should choose a location for the construction of garden fire pit by yourself. In order to maximize the hearth fire with an open flame it is recommended to choose a place on the lawn or a rocky area, away from trees and shrubs. If your site is small enough, and the choice of a suitable place to focus is very limited, take care of the maximum safety during operation. You can […]

Fire Pit Grille For You

The advantage of the fire pit grille in the open fire – is, above all, fire and no smoke. The fire in the grille, in contrast to the bonfire, can be diluted in any weather. In addition, a barbecue drastically change any part of your suburban area, it will be a good decoration. It expands the functions of the garden, the kitchen and create an outdoor dining area, where with great pleasure will come to […]

How To Build Concrete Fire Pit

Every owner of a country house or cottage want to be able to dissolve on your site live fire, a warm evening sitting by the campfire, roasting over a fire something edible. How to organize a fire, don’t leaving black conflagration spots on grass, with the maximum comfort and safety? Make it so that the center is harmoniously blended into the infield, his design feast for the eyes and the device was a force to […]

The Most Famous Coleman Fire Pits

Most often a Coleman fire pit looks like a box made of heat-resistant materials such as stone, brick, concrete blocks and others. The upper part of the front wall and the mailbox are absent. This design creates a false impression of simplicity, while all options of the fire pit are under requirements of laws. In most cases, buying a ready-made set of Coleman fire pit, you get included: Private barbecue (grill), pan of charcoal, a […]

Clay Fire Pits

Bowl fire pit
Garden Clay Fire PitBowl fire pitClay brick fire pit ideaClay fire pit idea for home

Until recently, the clay was widely used in the construction of furnaces, including fire pits. It has one drawback. Fire pits built with clay mortar, must be protected from moisture. Not suitable for a bunch of clay bricks on the tube often are replaced by lime, cement. In recent years, became more popular ready-refractory mixture, which can be purchased in the store in a dry form and is used after adding water. However, the clay […]