Montigo Fireplace

Fireplace is nothing like the sweeping insert with cone-shaped, combined with fume collection tube and placed above the combustion chamber. However, its exterior design and functional form of the harmonic structure. Montigo fireplace is not only an alternative way to heat the room, but also, thanks to exquisite design and to choose the right placement can serve as the main decoration of the room. One of the most important factors when installing the fireplace is […]

Fire Pit Landscaping

Before you equip the fire pit landscaping, you need to carefully consider the territory of its location. Fireplace should be located away from the garden trees, lodges and other outbuildings. The optimal distance to the house and buildings should be at least 3 meters, and not less than 4 meters from the nearest tree crowns. Just do not make out a place for the fire in the valley or on a hill. It is better […]

Bricks For Fire Pit

There is a category of people, who want to make everything in their houses with their hands. Some of them want to make a fireplace, stove or home for a fire pit, but don’t know which brick to choose. In this article, we look at the main types of bricks for fire pit, which are used for fireplaces and stoves. Refractory (firebrick) is white, made of refractory clay, possessing great strength and improved fire resistance […]

Slate Fireplace

Slate fireplace is a significant contribution to the creation of a cozy interior of a private house. The desire to install a fireplace for a long time based on the desire of man to subdue the fire, as well as form a corner of comfort and warmth. An important factor is the visual component. Fireplace must not “fall out” from the general style of your home decor. Facing slate – it’s a great opportunity to […]

Painting Brick Fireplace

Not everyone likes to hide the natural color of the brick, but if the fireplace has decayed, after painting it will look much better. In most of the coloring compositions capable of withstanding high temperature, it is written that they are intended for a wide range of materials. Nevertheless, having studied in detail the composition and properties of materials, you are likely to conclude that one jar or spray painting a brick fireplace isn’t enough […]

Fireless Fireplace

Fireplace is a dream of almost every city dweller. Sit in the evening with the whole family or just relax in solitude at his hearth and home is cozy and priceless. Initially fireplaces were created in order to heat the room. However, in the current conditions, this is not necessary, so it has become an exquisite element of the interior, often – the center of the composition. Now the fireplace is not necessary to have […]

Christmas Fireplace

Christmas is a holiday, which is clearly symbolized by New Year’s tree. What else you can decorate your home and make it the Christmas spirit? Firstly, it is Christmas wreaths on doors and windows, candles, Christmas decorations out of twigs and cones. In addition, this is another idea: make wit your own hands a temporary fireplace that will adorn your home and all its views will waft a pleasant association. How to make Christmas fireplace […]

Brick Fireplace

The popularity of fireplaces is now growing steadily. After all, the fireplace creates a unique atmosphere in the house, making the home more comfortable and original. It argued that the fireplace is quite difficult to construct, and the process can deliver a lot of trouble, but it is not. After all, the fireplace is essentially a simplified version of the oven. The main thing that should be explored before you start making brick fireplace by […]

Patio with fire pit

Patio is drawing-room in the open air in the shadow of the plants – a cozy corner in the area, where guests can retreat from the bustle of the streets, enjoying unity with nature or socializing in good company. With such an element of landscape design as a patio near the cottage, you can equip in your area a kind of courtyard, where spending a good time, devoting it to favorite activities or leisure. The […]

Virtual fireplace

Lot of people want to see their home beautiful, cozy and romantic. What can complement the interior? Of course, a fireplace. However, there is a small problem, because full fireplace can be equipped not in all areas, and even permission from the relevant authorities is required. Nevertheless, do not worry, because virtual fireplace is an excellent alternative, also made it easily, without major construction skills. A number of advantages characterizes virtual fireplaces: a lot of […]