Fire Pit Glass Rock

Fold a beautiful rock fireplaces for a fire at home at the corner of landscape design is not an easy task, but doable successfully. You need only to have free time, skills in bricklaying and to be careful in their work. The first thing you need to determine is the size, shape and location for the rock fireplaces. Measure the height, width, and depth of focus to select the amount of material that will be […]

Mendota Fireplace

Today, fireplaces have long ceased to be a bizarre sign of luxury. Almost every average citizen afford to build a fireplace in his house. Moreover, a huge number of mendota fireplace now represents the market. If you focus on the origins of fireplaces, all made of wood not automatically falls into the category of artificial. The main feature of mendota fireplace is the lack of live fire. For example, an electric fireplace fire is replaced […]

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to make backyard fire pit design in the country with their own hands, but make it beautiful, cheap and with the use of available materials? BBQ is good, but sometimes you want to sit around this fire. Here are simple instructions on how to create backyard fire pit design by yourself. The first thing you need to do is decide what size will pit under the fireplace and then divide […]

Majestic Fireplace

Majestic fireplace is certainly a prestigious, spectacular and expensive element of the decor. He clearly underlines the status of the owner of the house, its taste and prestige. Not everyone can boast that his or her house has a real working fireplace, which can be carried out peaceful and quiet evenings under the alluring glow of a real fire, or arrange a romantic dinner. Buy electric heater instead of lamenting the absence of the possibility […]

Cool Fire Pit

Many are eagerly awaiting the onset of heat, so that you can already go to the favorite summer residence or a vacation home, to make a chaise longue on the street to hang a hammock and sit around the campfire in the evening good company. Yet not all the snow melted, can dream and make plans how to create on their own piece of land paradise. The huge popularity of the cool fire pit has […]

Victorian Fireplace

Victorian fireplace was an important attribute of an English home during the time of Queen Victoria: without it, the living room wasn’t considered accomplished. This article discusses the characteristics of the device and the decor of the popular heater Victorian period. It may be noted several characteristics inherent in Victorian fireplaces. The two main parts of the fire – a cast-iron grate and mantel (shelf), usually made of marble or other stone, slate, and wood […]

Fire Pit BBQ

Barbeque (hearth cooking in the open air) is usually adjacent to the house and can be seen as a variant of a summer kitchen, which has always been popular in our climate. It can be equipped with portable or stationary hearth. In the latter case, the focus can be made of brick or stone, give it an interesting form, attach it to the butcher’s table. It is logical to organize a fire pit bbq with […]

Granite Fireplace

Granite fireplace are exquisite detail of the interior design and functional heating simultaneously. The functionality of all fireplaces is about the same, but the look – this is something you can express their imagination and the ability to design the interior. The first criterion is the appearance of the fireplace – stuff. When manufacturing fireplaces use different materials, both natural and artificial. One of the most common materials used in the manufacture of a granite […]

Balmoral Electric Fireplace

At all times and for all peoples place near fireplace was served as a center uniting the family. Unfortunately, in a city is not easy to find a place to focus. However, thanks to modern technology you have the opportunity to buy balmoral electric fireplace, which perfectly fit into the interior of any city apartment. It does not matter whether you live in city or countryside, you can buy our electric fire and decorate them […]

Valor Fireplace

The Company Valor (UK) manufactures gas and electric fireplaces for homes, cottages and country houses. Which owners do not dream of a country house on winter evenings in a cozy family atmosphere warm up by the home fireplace? However, what if you cannot equip a real fireplace? Modern electric home valor fireplaces is the perfect solution! These appliances are attracting growing interest among the citizens of Europe and USA. Their work reminds ordinary household heaters, […]