Gazebo with Fire Pit

Gazebo often become the meeting place for large companies, spiritual conversations and merry feast. This place should not only be equipped with a table and benches or chairs, but also to be well lit and meet the design decision of all the land. How often do we see in the movies friends, perched around the warmth of a crackling fire? Why not realize his dream and did not organize a gazebo with fire pit for […]

Portable Electric Fireplace

These handy kitchen appliances can be implemented in a portable or stationary mode and have a glass ceramic or metal non-stick surface. Portable electric fireplace are convenient in that they can be put in any convenient place and, if necessary, submit to the veranda, or on the street, where it is possible to plug it into a standard electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. This grill is useful in a country house or […]

Portable Gas Fire Pit

Popularity of portable gas fire pits today is growing. Our fellow citizens understand, how nice is to sit somewhere in the country or in a country house, to get together with close friends and fry myself a barbecue or something else. So many of them want to buy a portable gas fire pit, because this device is quite comfortable. Abroad it has long practiced this holiday as a picnic. There’s a family holiday go out […]

Portable Fire Pit

The advantages of the portable fire pit is the versatility, efficiency, compactness. It combines the functions of the grill, barbecue, grill, hob, oven, smokehouse. With grilling portable fire pit you can without the hassle of cooking food in all weather conditions, as the grill is made of high quality stainless steel, and the design of the grill ensures maximum protection from wind, rain, snow. It’s compact and lightweight stainless steel grill for barbecue, vegetables or […]

Octagon Fire Pit

To make any octagon fire pit in their area, you must first determine the place where it will be, and prepare it. First, you need to mark a regular octagon. How to do it? It is necessary to draw a square, and then hold it diagonally. Each side of octagon fire pit should be divided in half. Through the point of intersection of the diagonals and the middle of each side, need to spend a […]

Monessen Fireplace

The popularity of the fire as an element of the modern interior has been steadily increasing, so are increasingly found functional or decorative monessen fireplaces not only in country houses, but also in urban apartments. Fireplace allows you to turn even the standard, unremarkable house in a cozy corner, which is always a pleasure to be. Of course, the most impressive effect of producing high-grade wood-burning fireplaces, which fascinatingly real crackling logs. However, functional monessen […]

Napoleon Gas Fireplace

Modern and sophisticated line of gas napoleon fireplaces created in order to give a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Napoleon gas fireplaces are designed with the most advanced electronic technology of fire control, which can be made with just one touch of your fingers! The main difference between a gas fireplace – is its fuel system, which consists of a gas burner, in a rugged cast iron frame with fire-resistant glass screen. The […]

Fireplaces in “Country” Style

Production and installation of fireplaces in style “country” and “rustic” from block of stones and boulders isn’t very difficult. These pockets are popular for heating of country houses. The word “rustic” means rough, uncouth, or crushed stone. Simple shapes and the presence of wood and stone cladding usually characterize rustic fireplaces. The emergence of this style can be attributed to the end of barbarism. Of all the materials that a person applied for the construction […]

Unilock Fire Pit

Unilock fire pit is a powerful inner courtyard with several parties walled houses, fences, screens or greenery. Even during the Roman Empire, its presence allows residents to take refuge from the heat of the day. In those distant times, there was a patio area on the perimeter of a walled house. Therefore, I get a full room with no roof, used for leisure or business purposes. In the modern world view of the fire pit […]

Heatilator Gas Fireplace

Number of supporters of gas fireplaces is growing. Its’ warm and cozy same way as in a traditional house with a fireplace, but there is so much trouble with the wood for him. Heatilator gas fireplace can have opened or closed heating, which is equipped with heat-resistant glass door. A gas fireplace with an open combustion chamber resembles a fireplace using solid fuel. You can without difficulty to light it with matches, but there is […]