Natural Gas Fireplace

The time when the fire in the house was vital necessity, left far in the past. Today, we surround ourselves with objects of the interior, making our home respectable luxury, that is actually cheap. Bio fireplaces can be rightly attributed to such design solutions. Acquisition of biofuel fireplaces means setting yourself and your family in a safe and environmentally friendly heating.

Natural gas fireplace is the kind of fireplace insert, which is a gas burner with an automatic control system. Generally, the furnace natural gas fireplace is decorated with artificial non-combustible logs and special spreading ashes on top for more realistic feeling of burning “wood”. Fuel for natural gas fireplace is either natural gas or liquefied propane-butane.

This combination of design simplicity, complemented by the presence of the successful execution of decorative elements, allows you to position the gas fireplace analogues as trouble-free and aesthetically perfect unit. This power unit virtually doesn’t have “weak points”. Therefore, these fireplaces can serve their owners for many years.
In addition, the natural gas fireplace is different from the rest of the heat generators by extremely high efficiency of 80 percent.

This means that such a heater burns idling only a fifth of the fuel (20%), and the energy of the remaining “charge” is spent on space heating. In addition, not all heaters may boast by this ratio, – wood burning fireplace, for example, consumes only 25-30 percent of the energy of burnt wood for heating. This device does not spoil the room or create sparks, it is equipped with special devices that determine how much carbon dioxide is contained in the air, it turns on and off like any technique. The design of modern natural gas fireplace eliminates the possibility of gas emission into the atmosphere, making them absolutely safe for humans.

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