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Fireplace is nothing like the sweeping insert with cone-shaped, combined with fume collection tube and placed above the combustion chamber. However, its exterior design and functional form of the harmonic structure. Montigo fireplace is not only an alternative way to heat the room, but also, thanks to exquisite design and to choose the right placement can serve as the main decoration of the room. One of the most important factors when installing the fireplace is the choice of location. Depending on the location of the fireplaces are divided into: scaffoldings, freestanding, built-in and corner fireplace.

Do not install the fireplace in the draft, in those places where there is no air flow that is required for combustion, and in areas with a total area of less than 20 meters. The manner of production of montigo fireplace inserts can be divided into two subtypes: the closed, or, as they are called English fireplaces, open (for example, a fireplace, barbecue) and the half-open fireplaces, which are attached to the wall, but in no way connected with the construction of the wall. For decoration fireplaces use a vast variety of materials, from natural stone (sandstone, marble, granite), to precious wood – (oak, outie, abash). It is also possible to use special heat-resistant bricks.

To produce the fireplace casing mainly used drywall, which is treated with a special paint. For the Art Nouveau, style is mainly used for the manufacture of steel chimney casing. In that case, if you are seriously considering buying a fireplace, you should consider the fact that fireplaces have quite a low emissivity, i.e., it generates heat only when fired. At the expiring fire fireplace cools, and therefore ceases to generate heat. This is because the largest share of heat escapes through the chimney to the outside, on the street, which in turn is mainly due to the lack of offtake. It is also worth to take into account the fact that the heat generated by the fireplace, is unevenly distributed, i.e., the largest share of generated heat is concentrated on the opposite side of the fireplace, while on the sides of heat concentration is relatively low. When installing the fireplace need to strictly comply with all applicable building and fire safety.

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