Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

In the past direct vent gas fireplace was a common niche in the wall, completed with simple chimney made of clay or wood. Such a structure was large, occupied huge space of dwelling; it was characterized by high cost of resources in the production, so it was claimed by a limited segment of consumers. Naturally, to build a chimney in a normal city apartment is not possible for technical reasons. While in some cases, there are exceptions (if the apartment is located on the upper floors of high-rise building). Direct vent gas fireplace in a city apartment can only be subject to the approval of the competent authorities. Otherwise, the offender should be ready for considerable fines.

This is objective, as the use of faulty or unprofessionally folded heater has risk of fire, which could affect innocent people – residents of an apartment townhouse. The main difference from the furnace chimney – is the availability of direct chimney. The furnace with an extensive system of smoke channels works on the principle of convection, which is in great demand in areas with cold climates. Moreover, it’s rational in terms of heat, because it can give warm for the whole day after a morning kindling. There are no fire smoke channels. It has a simplified variation – straight chimney. Naturally, most of the heat simply “flies into the pipe” and goes through the wide furnace door with stirring firewood. However, this unit is not only easy to use, but also in construction, it can be built with one’s own hands, especially since there is no structure in the grate. Direct vent gas fireplace can be built easily in a cottage or set in a hunting lodge.

This fireplace is not only easy and technically, but also in terms of design. Therefore, it is not a noble veneer stone reliefs adorned with luxurious and unique tiles. The surface of the direct vent gas fireplace even not covered with plaster. However, it attaches great importance to the strength of the heater. This is objective, as no matter how simple the fireplace is, it should be perfectly safe to use. That is why for the construction of the furnace a firebrick is only applied or with a few exceptions – red brick. As the cladding, material special dyes colored hardwood (oak, beech, ash, hornbeam, walnut, etc.) are used.

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