Unilock Fire Pit

Unilock fire pit is a powerful inner courtyard with several parties walled houses, fences, screens or greenery. Even during the Roman Empire, its presence allows residents to take refuge from the heat of the day. In those distant times, there was a patio area on the perimeter of a walled house. Therefore, I get a full room with no roof, used for leisure or business purposes.

In the modern world view of the fire pit has changed. Now, this is not necessarily ground, closed on all sides by solid walls. To protect the recreation area can be other, lighter elements – grilles, fences, trellises, screens or hedges. The main thing is that despite the century passed since the time of the first arrangement of the patio, the unilock fire pit is still a place protected from prying eyes. This is the main idea of the unilock fire pit, following which you can equip it on his summer cottage.

I want to stay individually in the bowls for the fire. This is a very spectacular and romantic decoration of “outdoor room”. Such are the campfire gatherings and you can hold in your garden.

Zone for the fire can be built thoroughly with refractory stone. Please note the photo – in my opinion, for native craftsmen is not difficult to put such a square box with his own hands. Campfire bowls also come in portable and compact, and no less beautiful. Popular bowl of stone is, for example, granite. There are also pockets of metal and ceramic. To begin construction of a unilock fire pit at the cottage, you need to have a clear idea of its shape, size and location. In order to avoid mistakes in the construction, it is necessary to have on hand a scaled diagram of the desired cottage patio. Also in the details should consider future d├ęcor as monochrome patio is unlikely to give you a cheerful holiday atmosphere. The size of the unilock fire pit is determined by its functional purpose. If you are a lover of big and noisy companies, this place has to fit a lot of people. Conversely, if you often spend time alone or a close family circle, to make a big patio is inappropriate.

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