Uniflame Fire Pit

Uniflame fire pit is a device that is useful for cooking, and most notably it’s important from an aesthetic point of view. Live fire on the terrace or in the garden is not superfluous, if the fire lit in the open and highly secure bowl. Bowl for the fire that you can buy for your yard, is suitable for a romantic evening, and friendly gatherings.

There’re two types of uniflame fire pits – fixed and mobile. For obvious reasons, the second group is more popular – as the portable fire bowl can be used anywhere, it is enough to load in the trunk and drive to your favorite place. However, stationary fire bowl is also popular – such bowl is larger and looks as masterpiece.

This uniflame fire pit attracts the cozy warmth and gathers all family in one place in the evening, especially when it’s getting cool. Campfire bowl is equipped with a steel grille to improve airflow and mesh screen to extinguish the sparks. The poker included in the kit provides an easy lifting spark arrester screen for easier control of the fire.

Bowl is made of black steel and has an attractive and modern appearance. It’s perfect for placing in any open area in the yard or patio on the ground or decorative coatings and flooring. The design lattice lifting enables easy maintenance and cleaning. Uniflame fire pit is easy to assemble. The knob allows you to move around the edges of the bowl easily.

A uniflame fire pit of thick metal will serve you longer. Goods made of cast iron have a negative trait – great weight. The most beautiful fire bowls are made of galvanized metal, but they are also the most expensive. You can periodically clean it, so that the product does not lose its luster and it’s pleasure for the eye.

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