The Most Famous Coleman Fire Pits

Most often a Coleman fire pit looks like a box made of heat-resistant materials such as stone, brick, concrete blocks and others. The upper part of the front wall and the mailbox are absent. This design creates a false impression of simplicity, while all options of the fire pit are under requirements of laws.
In most cases, buying a ready-made set of Coleman fire pit, you get included: Private barbecue (grill), pan of charcoal, a variety of fasteners.
This set allows you to set your own fire pit. Thus, easier and faster way to organize outdoor place for cooking.
If you have such a set, but you need to have a fire pit, you can use the materials at hand. As broiler can use removable grille normal cooker. Best of all, if the lattice will have an area greater than the area of the fire. In this case, you can always move the finished dish to the side, keeping it hot, not afraid to overcook.
Pan of charcoal, set under the grate. For its production using a soft steel sheet. Burning charcoal situated on another grating, which is mounted directly on the pallet. Blown ash falls into the pan, where it can be easily removed.
For best results, fried foods must be protected from the wind. Therefore, the walls of the back and sides of the Coleman fire pit make the slightly higher level of grids for grilling.

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