Terra Cotta Fire Pit

Fireplace not only performs the function of heating the room, but it is a special decoration. Finishing of the construction is done in different ways: plastering followed by painting and finishing decorative natural stone and finally lined with ceramic tiles. Terra cotta fire pit tiles allows design fit almost any decor, making it the center of attention. Tiles for fireplaces and stoves is available in a wide range and can be found in the sale of its following varieties: porcelain – made from certain varieties of clay and on the characteristics and the structure resembles natural stone. Terracotta tiles – has a smooth matte surface, has excellent fire-resistant properties and low coefficient of expansion. Majolica – made by dry pressing to glazing on the front side. Usually, it is decorated with various patterns.

Fine clinker – made from clay with the addition of various additives and impurities. Its heterogeneous composition has spectacular views and also similar to natural stone. It is paid to the important parameter – permissible temperature at which the tiles can be applied. Also important is the thermal conductivity of the material. The porous material is heated for a long time and cool rapidly, resulting in excessive fuel consumption. The thicker and denser tile for facing the fireplace, so it is stronger and longer gives off heat. Typically, a terra cotta fire pit made of refractory fireclay bricks, stacked on a solution of clay and portland cement. This design of terra cotta fire pit is quite strong and can withstand frequent temperature changes. In order to lay the tiles need to carefully prepare the surface of the fireplace. Terra cotta fire pit starts from the bottom. On the wall with a notched trowel applied solution, and pressed tightly against the wall of the first tile. To the best of its landing on the adhesive, it is slightly on the crank axle left and right. It is also recommended to tap rubber hammer on its entire surface. The less air will be under the tiles that will be warm room.

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