Table Top Fire Pit

Fireplace is a very comfortable thing in the interior. What can you say about the table, which is also the fireplace? No light will not replace the warmth of a living fire.

Because fireplaces are becoming easier and safer, the designers were able to combine them with different pieces of furniture such as table top fire pit. Designer Axel Schaefer recently introduced the asymmetric table with built-in fireplace, which works on ethanol.

In fact, the name “table-fire” is not entirely accurate, because the model is not designed to heat the home and create an unusual focusing center of the room. Open flame brings a sense of comfort and warmth in the house.

A similar idea of table top fire pit and the designers have developed a German company Schulte Design. However, the proposed model has a number of distinctive features – for example, the upper part is not made of stone and stainless steel. Inside a small table top fire pit is built fireplace, the flames of which passes through a hole in the plane. The boundaries between the different interior objects continue to actively erase.

For small smokeless fireplaces, widely integrated with pieces of furniture – most often with tables of various designs. The company «Planika» continues to experiment with coffee tables, showing a wide range of different models that combine small fireplaces built with the usual low tables. Designers of «Italy Dream Design» go further, offering customers to customize the height of countertops and thereby change its function. By varying the height of the table top fire pit legs «Parloir» you can turn it into a console, coffee and even desktop.

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