Sunken fire pit

The predecessor of fireplace was a sunken fire pit – a deepening dug in the ground. It served two main objectives: didn’t not allow the fire to spread and kept the heat for cooking. For cooking it’s used infrequently and performs rather aesthetic function. Here you can read how to make it with their own hands. Live fire in the evening in the garden or on the terrace creates a lasting impression. However, the fire in the garden plant is undesirable, and on a successful site, not every owner agrees to sacrifice his lawn.

Open-fire sparks represent a considerable danger, especially if placed on a plot of wooden buildings. A bonfire by the river and tourist tent – is not always a way out. Campfire bowl prevents the spread of fire, as retains the tough outside fireplace. There are small, portable models and some are equipped with stationary protective caps to protect the surrounding objects and people from sparks. The entire ash coals, unburned pieces of wood left inside the bowl, and not carried by the wind across the site.

Sunken fire pit is simple and affordable way. The earth excavated trench to a depth of 15 cm and a width of 30-40 cm and is filled with concrete. After hardening of the material the ground is removed from cup inside the hole. Its concrete floor is not necessary; you can fall asleep and compacted crushed stone and sand. Brick – in this case, the excavated pit and draped with refractory bricks. It is not difficult to lift it off the ground, erecting a wall just above the ground. Even more simple method is to bury an old metal barrel.

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