Pavestone Fire Pit

With the development of the private cottage construction and an increase in wanting to live away from the city, enjoying the beauty of nature and fresh air, there are new architectural solutions. One of these events was the internal cobbled courtyard – patio adjacent to the house from the rear. Times have changed, and now it is hard for someone to surprise the presence near the cottage patio. And the desire of people to have such “extension” is obvious, since it provides a visual increase in living space and the expansion of the territory of the home. In addition, the patio opens up excellent opportunities for a pleasant siesta or a noisy evening meal. Organize and build a patio can be like a big new house, and near the old cottage.

Patio is a small playground, a paved stone or tiles, rarely having wooden flooring with pavestone fire pit. Called the “Patio” can not only multi-level platform, equipped with a stationary furniture, a fireplace and a raised flower beds, but also a small patch of land covered with gravel, mounted with a plastic table and chairs. As the decorations used patio fountains and sculptures. In the center of the patio can be organized so-called pit campfire or pavestone fire pit. Create it much easier than to build a fireplace at home. In spring and autumn so nice to enjoy your vacation on the patio next to the living fire.

Campfire bowl on the patio – increasingly popular architectural and functional form. Moreover, the presence of gas at the main site, it led into a bowl campfire. This allows you to create a beautiful and powerful open fire, which is a source of heat, and the decor and the place of cooking on the patio. Just fire pit on gas will save you from smoke and sparks. On the more expensive and exquisite patio set pavestone fire pit create a unique coziness and romance of a summer evening. And patio set on a summer kitchen with running water, sewerage, stove and refrigerator. Most often, the patio pavestone fire pit, which is useful when receiving guests when you are baked meal over an open fire.

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