Paver Fire Pit

Of course, there is no suburban area without a permanent place to light a fire “for the soul”, or cooking something. We offer you two ways to organize space for a fire in the garden. Simple and aesthetically perfect paver fire pit. You will need to dig a small pit, cook brick, mortar, or clay material for decoration of the place around. To make the paver fire pit dug a pit no less than thirty centimeters deep. Digging to a bottom wall of the funnel type. Bricklaying is vertical, that is, side by each brick will look at the fire. To think and calculate all should advance as bricks significantly narrow the groove width should therefore have a reserve on the width of the brick. So the process. Choose a place, which pretends size of paver fire pit. In the center of trying to drive a peg, tie a rope to it and “draw a circle” on the principle of a compass. The bottom of the hearth should be ready to fill medium / coarse gravel and tamp it.

The layer should get ten centimeters, no less. When the clutch is ready irregularities between the bricks plastered clay solution, thicken laying rubber mallet. Now equip the area around paver fire pit. You should remove the turf in a circle, facing easy to flatter. To obtain the circumference of the hearth, you can choose the same brick, garden tile, stone, or fill all the fine gravel, compacted it. If the selected stone, brick or tiles, the gaps between the elements embedded clay solution, sand, or simply ground. This is a very popular method without any special effort and expensive materials. You will need to prepare itself corrugated steel sheet (may be more), screws, circular saw, sand, or gravel. Some have a fireplace on the boards laid in a deck. If this method is right for you, make a “deck” in advance. Now, in fact, measured steel sheet. Its width is the height of the paver fire pit, count it for future need. The length of the sheet – it is actually the circle itself hearth diameter. That is, the length should be sufficient to minimize the sheets and bind it to get a “pipe.” At the bottom of paver fire pit lay gravel or sand. That is your hearth. In addition, as you complete your site around it, known only by your imagination. When a paver fire pit is not necessary, it is possible to reclassify in the flowerbed.

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