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Patio is drawing-room in the open air in the shadow of the plants – a cozy corner in the area, where guests can retreat from the bustle of the streets, enjoying unity with nature or socializing in good company. With such an element of landscape design as a patio near the cottage, you can equip in your area a kind of courtyard, where spending a good time, devoting it to favorite activities or leisure. The modern version of the courtyard patio as protective structures involves the use of hedges, screens and fences. Why can’t you decorate your patio with cozy fireplace or a fire pit, where the whole family would gather in the evening?

Decide which part of your yard you want to install a patio with fire pit. Take into account such factor as the wind. It is better to build it in a closed area from the wind, but away from the trees, because there is nothing worse than constantly sweep the area from falling leaves. Before digging, decide the thickness of the layer of soil that you wish to stay. We recommend a layer about 25-30 centimeters. Beat wooden stakes into the ground along the radius of the future patio and surround all the ropes. Remove the soil throughout the area where you made the measurements. After removing the layer of soil is necessary to fill about 12.5 centimeters of rubble excavated at the site.

Larger bricks need to surround the patio with fire pit. Make sure it is you big enough to function. Good size for her 90-110 cm in diameter. Now, from large bricks stacked smaller ones around. They will be the very area patio. Equalize the campfire pit, before laying subsequent blocks. Hammer them with a rubber mallet to complete alignment of all units. Glue the brick blocks sticky and viscous material for landscape or cement. This will keep them in place. Make masonry blocks subsequent to the level you want. At this point, you can put the ring into the fire for barbecue bonfire. Patio with fire pit is ready for using!

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