Paloform Fire Pit

Fire pit is the constant attribute of trips into the countryside. You can admire the flame, cook food on it, and chat with friends directly in the garden or in the backyard of your house. It is difficult to explain why we like to look at the fire. Perhaps, at this time we are remind of ancestors for whom fire was vital. In addition, because mesmerizing flames help to relax, to dream, to forget the daily bustle. Today we’ll talk about how to transform the rural area with the help of paloform fire pit.

This option is perhaps one of the most favorite among gardeners. This all is thanks to a wide choice: you can buy ready-made portable fireplace (stone, metal, ceramic, cast iron), and you can arrange something like that by yourself, using the different materials. Portable paloform fire pit can be installed anywhere, but it is better if the place is specially prepared, such as paving, playground. As a rule, these outbreaks have legs and lid-holders, ash and embers are removed through a sliding tray. Outbreaks are often equipped with bars, or other devices for cooking on the fire. Stationary paloform fire pits are equally popular in the garden. In fact, it’s hole in the ground, which walls are surrounded by bricks, stone, tile or cast refractory concrete.

It isn’t necessary to arrange fixed heart in a flooded valley, on a hill or around trees. The optimal size of the pit is 90-110 cm, depth – 30-40 cm. The bottom of the pit is filled with fine gravel up to the level of 15-20 cm from the surface. In this outbreak, it is desirable to provide blowing and storm water drainage. Paloform fire pit is practical and elegant solution. If you need a facility for cooking meat, you can make your own paloform fire pit. As construction of the stationary bowl is difficult, it will require more work time, but the area and the fire and the cooking is ready finally: no dark circles on the grass around the area, no ash and sparks flying up to the tops of trees.

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