Octagon Fire Pit

To make any octagon fire pit in their area, you must first determine the place where it will be, and prepare it. First, you need to mark a regular octagon. How to do it? It is necessary to draw a square, and then hold it diagonally. Each side of octagon fire pit should be divided in half. Through the point of intersection of the diagonals and the middle of each side, need to spend a segment equal to half the length of the diagonal. Now we have to consistently connect the data points, and the top of the square.

After the construction of a regular polygon in terms of its vertices is driven columns desired height, plus one at the point of intersection of the diagonals. Then another two pillars that support the joists later. Each bar is necessary to drill. There stuck pipe 15 cm in diameter, is stuck into the pipe fitting so that it is above the level of the inserted pipe. Next fixtures filled with cement mortar. Once everything hardens, cut the Bulgarian rebar so that it remains above the level of the tube 5 cm. After that, going first waist rail size. Get the right octagon with internal parallel spaced beams. At the corners, using dowels and screws put vertical bars-rack. They are selected round, square or triangular. Above them is a wooden rail, cut at an angle so that the board is well laid on octagon fire pit.

It attaches to the upper ends of the legs socket. Then cut a plywood circle diameter of 35cm. The circle is attached to the top of the central vertical pillar. Then, the bars do rafters. Lay each way: one end to the harness of the uprights and the other end is placed on the circle. Rafters customize, making cuts to lay well. Crate, of course, is time-consuming part. It is necessary to cut the board on both sides at a predetermined angle 22.50, and try to make it as accurate as possible, so that they are well above the rafters docked. This work is the most delicate and painstaking.

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