Natural Stone Fire Pit

Fireplace in essence a hole in the ground with strong stalls that help keep the form bonfire, protect the flame from the wind and keep warm. This is especially important in our crowded suburban areas where there is a danger of fire from fire properly organized. So, the first task – to choose a location on the site for your natural stone fire pit. It is desirable that the center was not in the flood valley, and placed on a hill is not worth it. The form can be any focus. However, traditionally (and conveniently from a functional point of view) to have a center in circular shape.

The optimum size for natural stone fire pit is90-110 cm. This will be far enough away from open flames, but still close to average for normal communication of people gathered around the campfire. For natural stone fire pit hearth natural stone fire pit dug to a depth of 30-40 cm. Filling the bottom conducted on the basis that the “working” area focus should be not less than 15-20 cm from the surface. Otherwise, it will be difficult to carry out ignition and clean bonfire burned on coals.

Ideal is to arrange showers and drainage discharge from the natural stone fire pit rainwater. However, this is an optional luxury. Easy and quickly will be the construction of the stonewalls of the hearth blocks pre-cast (or purchased) concrete. Purchased blocks better from a decorative point of view. Manually in makeshift conditions do cast concrete similar to natural stone hard. However, if you can gain real granite cobblestones, the naturalness of such a focus will be much higher.

The simplest alternative would be the use of paving slabs. For greater reliability and durability of the lower inner part of the hole is desirable to surround the ring of sheet metal. This finally protect the stones from cracking. The gaps between the metal and the stone fill with clay mortar or sand. Then there will not accumulate dust and water. If you do focus of the blocks to put the correct ring, blocks have stabbing. Put the unit on a hard surface (flat rocks or gravel). Hold the chisel at the marked line and hit with a hammer until the bloc collapsed.

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