LSU Fire Pit

This beautiful and safe place for a fire in the country is still functional. Many of lsu fire pit are made not only for beauty, but also can be used as a grill. Fire from portative open fireplace will warm you right where you need it. The practical form of a bowl will not allow fire to be freely distributed. It is not something you need to ditch and sprinkle sand. Now the fire in the country is beautiful, and safe and under control. To relax outdoors truly and sincerely, people often choose to make a fire in lsu fire pit. However, often people are trying to make fire pit by themselves, and without skill of scrap materials, to create campfire pit, using stones as fire stops, etc.

However, often the fire created in such way is dangerous, and always reserves the scorched craters. In order not to spoil the land and make a fire without dirtying your hands, we offer you a special outdoor lsu fire pit.

Such a focus is created of black steel with a thickness of 4 mm. At the height of the product is up to 700 mm, in depth it’s also 700 mm. The diameter of the chamber is 1050 mm. Product weight is 45 kg. With this weight, the product remains stable and suitable for transporting simultaneously. You can install it on the chosen spot.

A special coating of the refractory hearth paint gives an unusual but quite natural, “rusty” color. Hard edges of the hearth do not allow fire to spread randomly. Reliable and robust design ensures safe use.

lsu fire pit is not equipped with decorative elements, while it is itself aesthetic. The smooth lines and curved top edge really make it look like a flowerpot – it would look perfect next to your garden or flower bed.

lsu fire pit does not require long-term care complex, it is easy to clean of the ashes. It gives you time, saved on a routine work, while you may be happy to spend on yourself and loved ones. With its depth, its center can be dug into the ground – another version of the installation.

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