Landmann Fire Pit

Portable Landmann Fire Pit

Landmann fire pit is a great way to burn a fire so you can move it to any convenient place on the one hand, on the other hand you will not spoil the land and the grass in the place where the fire will burn. For many years bowls for the fire or bonfires are popular for the country side (for every meter of area dear to us). Landmann fire pit at the cottage is also convenient due to the fact that we can easily remove its ashes for fertilizer plot or just throw them away. Use campfire unit in the country if you want to get the maximum pleasure and minimum harm from the fact that you burn a fire.

In 1948, a subsidiary of Gebrder Thiele, now owned by Landmann Group was created. Then the young company providing barbecue was known much less than today. But since the mid-60s, Landmann is rapidly gaining momentum and is becoming a recognized specialist in the production of barbecue in Germany and abroad, in Europe and even in the United States. Constantly growing market and the company’s ambitious plans brought Landmann to the leading position in the European market of barbecue and accessories for them and for ignition of coal briquettes today. A variety of manufactured goods has been increasing from year to year, orientation to the offer of high quality products proved infallible. Currently, the company Landmann offers the largest range of grills and accessories. There are about 350 products: BBQ, gas grills, charcoal grills, electric, gas heaters, as well as a large selection of BBQ sets and care products.

Landmann Fire Pit Decor

Products of this company has an exceptional quality and durability. Despite the fact that the barbecue grills were put into production in the last century, they are relevant now. In recent years, the demand for landmann fire pit is rapidly gaining momentum.

Everything is left to chance, every detail is taken into account and this is not the limit. The most important thing is that the quality of food on a grill set up, does not become worse in landmann fire pit. It also captivates with its elegant aroma. It can say a lot, and it is better to buy once and enjoy the time.

Landmann Fire Pit Decor

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