How to build fire pit yourself

The best version of your evening is to sit by the fire, fry some snacks on the flame and just look at the tongues of flame. Of course, it would be desirable to make place for the fire, called fire pit, not only safe, but also beautiful. And you can make it by yourself.

You’ll have to spend few hundred dollars to buy materials in a store and work on the yard about four days. As a result, you will have a great place for a fire that can not only be used for its intended purpose, but also will be a point of pride. It is simple, but time-consuming process, and all its parts must be carried out carefully, as carelessness can lead to unpleasant consequences. When exposed to a large amount of heat from the fire moisture inside of the fire pit can expand it and cause damage or even explosion of the concrete structure.

Ideally, if you complete with bricks, tile or stone not the only place with the remnants of a fire pit. This area can be expanded, and then get a rest area for the fire. On the perimeter, you can arrange the chairs or benches. By the fireplace, you can lay out the gravel track. There are some interesting options and creative approach to business. Very often the area around fire pit is decorated with a solar circle and drawing of the rays on the wall. This area becomes the center of your suburban site.

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