Heininger Fire Pit

Mobile outdoor heininger fire pit is designed for use on open ground are not equipped as a paved and generally without any coating directly on the lawn. It does not bring any harm to the environment, so as a point of support on the ground have a fairly large area, and the pressure exerted on the ground, grass and other vegetation are insignificant, although the weight of some models are pretty impressive. Mobile outdoor heininger fire pit has two varieties, two ways of movement in time to replace the installation site. The first is a hand carrying the fire. However, considering the weight of the sample, about 200 kg, will have to seriously strain. The second – the movement of the wheels with different diameters, which facilitates the task. If you choose heininger fire pit, you should note that the temperature of the combustion of wood more than 500 degrees and is easily dealt with delicate and lighter product.

Grate combustion zone of wood in a mobile fireplace is autonomous from the body of the fireplace and by means of installation, fixing circuits can change the distance to the surface of the ground and located on it of vegetation that protects it from overheating while the fireplace and the use of polished reflector brings this action to almost zero . With equipping mobile outdoor heininger fire pit additional options (various devices) can be used as a makeshift grill, of course the quality of food prepared on it will be far from perfect. Of course, the main idea behind the creation of mobile outdoor heininger fire pit design is relatively expensive and quickly bring warmth and coziness to the place of evening gatherings in nature without causing much damage to the surrounding nature; you do not damage the lawn scorched earth. Create a fire safety contemplating the possibility of warm, gentle fire crackling firewood suggestive fond memories of a wonderful life, and even temporary disappearance of all sorts of cares and experiences.

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