Glass Fire Pit

Glass fire pit is completely innovative model of an outdoor fireplaces. Modern, bright outlines allow to make the atmosphere of your garden and yard unusual and stylish, decorate it with a fascinating  effect of watching a beautiful flame. Refracting and reflecting the light coming from the fire, the glass contributes to the unusual perception, allows you to experience new sensations. Therefore, these fireplaces are becoming more popular design elements.

By the wish, you can make of glass even a wood-burning fireplace – a high quality heat-resistant glass and the attention given to security requirements allow manufacturers to do so. The burning of wood is accompanied by the formation of soot and solid waste, so the use of glass in this case is not entirely appropriate: for it will always have to take care of and cleaned to remove soot. Therefore, fireplace glass is usually of two types: gas or biofuel.

Gas fireplaces run either on natural gas or propane-butane. The gas burner is most often made in the form of logs, covered with a touch of ash, which creates the illusion of real wood burning in a glass case or cylinder. Mobile models have a tank with a gas, hidden inside the structure, and the remote control allows you to boost or reduce the burning, turn on and off the fire pit.

There are many options, offered by manufacturers to make the fire pit a bright accent. For example, ¬†hearth with “floating” the sweeping over him, which is attached to the plastic sculpture at the level of a work of art; center-plateau towering above the floor; “Stele”, pervading all space of the room from top to bottom; design, hanging from the ceiling; “Aquarium” in the form of a parallelepiped, a sphere, cup etc. All possible design solutions are countless.

Glass fire pits became possible thanks to new developments of refractory glass. It withstands high temperatures so that, according the assurances of manufacturers, make safe fireplaces in your yard. Heat resistant glass for fireplaces produce different shades, as well as tinted. All this makes a particularly spectacular view of the fire. Design of glass fire pits amazes imagination of designers. The material used for processing is very different. They use not only typical of the style of hi-tech metal, steel and aluminum, but also natural wood, stone and leather.

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