Gazebo with Fire Pit

Gazebo often become the meeting place for large companies, spiritual conversations and merry feast. This place should not only be equipped with a table and benches or chairs, but also to be well lit and meet the design decision of all the land. How often do we see in the movies friends, perched around the warmth of a crackling fire? Why not realize his dream and did not organize a gazebo with fire pit for cozy evenings?

To implement this idea, you can use wood, brick or metal structures. The most important thing in such a gazebo with fire pit is the ratio of the size of the hearth and the structure itself, because the fire should not be too large so that the wall and ceiling will not yield to a high temperature. The place for the fire should impose a refractory brick, and the ceiling is high enough to do. You should also take care of air circulation inside the room to smoke and soot does not stagnate inside the arbor, it is advisable to install a telescopic hood, which can be omitted, if desired, to raise. A brick, cement or gravel can also cover floor. You should take care of the fire safety of materials of which will be built furniture, seating and more.

In the role of the base material for the construction of buildings can be a brick, concrete, paving slabs or wood. Do not skimp on building materials because cheaper analogues differ poor quality features and cannot survive the impact of the environment, soon lost its original appearance. To this construction of gazebo with fire pit is necessary to use a metal frame with a fine cement foundation, while construction, despite the seeming fragility, is strong and durable. Contents can be a glass gazebo and metal structures. If you want to place the gazebo area barbecue, grill or oven, a wall should be made of bricks, glass walls that do not burst from the temperature increase.

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