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In recent years, there is a significant increase in the popularity of garden fire pits. The art of cooking on the grill is not only fun pastime, but also very delicious food. Cookbook of dishes for the grill every year is getting thicker and thicker. Increasingly in the summer, you’re going with friends to pamper yourself with exquisite dishes cooked over a fire. Let’s look at today’s grills used in our gardens. There are many types of garden fire pits, and below we will look at some of them. Of course, the most popular and cheapest solution is a portable garden fire pit.

It has a simple shape, and we can buy it in the supermarket for very little money. At its core is a metal box the size of a few tens of centimeters, which is fueled by coal or special bricks and over which hangs a lattice with our delicacies. For the real master barbecue to cook a variety of dishes and grill will be enough this simple form. In addition to the low cost of this garden fire pits has several other advantages. First, it is very compact and you can install it anywhere. This saves you from unpleasant to breathe in smoke when the wind blows in the direction of where we are sitting.

Another advantage is the ease of cleaning of such apparatus. We can make out the details of garden fire pits and easy to clean most polluted in the process of cooking items, or even to take advantage of the dishwasher. Of course, portable grills do not necessarily have to be small and consist only of the boxes and grilles. Today, there are plenty to choose from. Another type of barbecue grill is gas. It is also portable. In this case, it does not ignite charcoal and the heat required for cooking gets from gas burners. This has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition, for the placement of outdoor garden fire pits, you can build a special pavilions, after which they twine vines climb walls and fence off a cozy place from the rest of the garden.

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